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APM antenna tracker without GCS?


Is it possible to setup an APM board to be an active antenna tracker without a GCS / Laptop?

i.e. have it work on telemtry data from the model directly through 915mhz (for example) telemetry, and use a GPS on the antenna tracker for position?


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Jumpy Alt hold

Hello guys,

i built a new quad (after several successful quads with Arducopter 3.x) - its a F450 with Sunnysky 2212X motors and 10x4.7 props and simonK 30A ESCs, running a 3S pack.

this quad flys great on stabilize after auto tune, nice and quiet and s

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915 air and ground modules dont speak

Hello guys,

I have a 915mhz telemetry set from Witespy - and its works OK.

i bought anoother air module from GLB, and it works with 3DR ground module OK, but not with my witespy one.

i tried upgrading the FW to V1.9 to both the GLB and witespy modules,

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APM 2.5 sensor calibration problem

Hello guys,

i have a brand new APM 2.5 board with Quad 2.9.1 installed and no matter what i do - all of the sensor calibrations i tried are failing.

usually ill get something lik: Calinration faile (-2.3 0.5 1.4 1.0 1.0 1.0).

Is this board faulty ? 

is i

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