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Problems with X8

I have a problem with my new X8 and APM 2.5 and the latest Arduplane firmware.

Whenever I switch to loiter the aircraft loiters but loses altitude fairly rapidly.

I have not had this issue with previous planes I have used the autopilot in, only the X8.

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Did my APM die mid flight?

I think my APM just died midflight of course leading to a crash.

I have attached the tlog. The flight does not start till 80% through the log.

I took off in manual switched to loiter then to auto for a 3 waypoint mission.

The plane flew the mission then

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2.7.2 APM1 Problems

I haven't flown my quad for a while now and after hearing the good things about 2.7.2 thought I would take it out today.

Uploaded the new firmware last night and set everything up. All looked good.

Took it out to the field this morning and it would not

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Compass not enabled

I have a strange problem with my APM1 2560.

If I load the arducopter code the compass works completely as expected.

If I load arduplane 2.40 code on the same APM then the compass keeps coming up disabled.

I can set it to enabled but when I next connect

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Loiter problem in 2.5

I really have no idea how to analyse the log files.

This afternoon I was flying 2.5 from the git repository.

It does seem to fly better than 2.4.1.

Then I tried loiter and things did not go well.

I am only fairly new at this so was flying stabilize simpl

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Whats wrong with my oilpan/compass

Help again

I recently destroyed an oiplan in a crash.

Ordered a new one and built it along with a new compass.

This time I have connected the compass via the i2c cable.

Trouble is it is very slow to show changes in direction in the mission planner.

The he

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Ceiling Limit

Having had a few successful flights and a few non-successful flight of my 3DR arducopter I have a question which is somewhat along the lines of a previous post about throttle sensitivity.

How hard would it be to limit the ceiling of the flight to say

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Prop Adapters 850/880 kva motors

Can anyone tell me the best source of prop adapters for the 3DR arducopters.

I ordered some 3mm shaft diameter adapters here in Australia but they are too tight.

Is the actual shaft size 3mm or something else, I do not have any decent calipers at prese

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