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Unable to reliably repeat missions

Now that my loiter performance is rock solid using AC 2.8.1, I’ve moved onto flying missions.  So far, only about 40% of mission sorties are a success. My basic mission is 1) takeoff, 2) Delay, 3) Time Loiter at new location for 5 seconds, 4)  Land. 

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Unstable at takeoff

Hi All.

I built a 3dr frame + motor kit last week, and started testing. After passing all the standard tests, I tried a launch. The copter is not even close to being flyable due to some very strange behavior.   It wants to take off to the aft left.  W

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roll reversed in HUD

Hi again,

I've got the new quad nearly set up but have noticed two, maybe related problems.


First, the roll axis on the HUD is reversed.  When I tilts the quad to the right (right motor down), it shows a left turn on the HUD.  Its acting like the APM

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