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Yaw change also changes elevation

Recently I built a hexacopter and have flown it a total of three times now. Yesterday was the first time I tried the yaw while in flight. When changing the yaw it dramatically changes the elevation, like 30+ feet of increased elevation for a 90 degre

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Plugging ESC directly into APM

Can the output for each ESC be plugged directly into the APM instead of going through the power distribution board? I think this would work just fine (as the multiple BEC would be in parallel) but maybe I'm missing something important as to why this

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APM unable to read radio

I have assembled an APM1 and IMU from the kit and now I'm trying to configure everything using the Mission Planner software. The firmware uploads (version 2.7) and everything seems to be working (GPS locks and shows location on the map, accelerometer

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