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My Quadcopter is Finally Built


Hi All

After much debate regarding the arm angle and position of the ESC's I finally manned up, completed the CAD and assembled the Quadcopter. I learned quite alot in terms of 3dprinting and flight dynamics of the craft. In addition I had also constructed a vibration isolation pad for the controller of which I still need to test. The reaction to a specific excitation frequency of the pad is something that excites me!
The Vibration pad has gone through more than 2 iterations. I plan to release these drawings to the community once I have done some testing. I am very proud with the Quad and I hope the DIY drones community has positive comments. There are some interesting features that cant be seen like silicon gromets etc. My main aim is to minimise the vibration to the controller producing a very stable flight.

My friend whom is a great designer is busy with the battery bracket for the quad with the intention of carrying 2x8000mah cells. This should provide a great flight time. I am hoping to get the Quad to around 2.2kg wet. If the response is good I think I would be able to build a few more. :)

I am missing the correct fixtures so until I get these I will postpone the maiden flight. Wish me luck. :)

Picture 1: Quad assembled shown above

3689601345?profile=originalPicture 2: Vibration Mat-Mach 1

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