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Several data log entries corrupt

Am having trouble with my logs. On avarage I have about 15 corrupt entries (lines) in my data logs when flying for about 7min. I download the logs through mission planner with my quad connected with an usb cable. The quad is running firmware 3.0.1 (a

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apm 2.5+ alternative compass


I just bought the apm2.5+ kit plus a mediatek gps. Minutes later I read that there seem to be a problem  with having the compass onboard. I have two questions:

1) Is anyone using the onboard compass successfully (on a quad)?

2) Is it possible to use

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HMC5843 missalgined

Hello all,


I am trying to build myself a cheap tricopter using the arduIMU v2+ and a HMC5843 magnetometer. Due to my lacking soldering skills, I managed to solder the magnetometer somewhat skewed/tilted. My question is if I should try to desolder the

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