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SoloPro ?

Hi guys, Solo looks like a beautiful and powerful machine, HD video feed or feature like CableCam are amazing for video shooting. However I guess Solo is designed mostly for gopro size/weight camera (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Would be nice to s

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H frame quad - full aluminium



I just finished building this H frame quad, entirely in aluminium, and I'm now trying to find the best compromise as for battery/ESC/motor to make the beast flyable.

I do not have any clue at the moment on how to choose these properly, nor really s

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Turnigy micro quad tuning

Hi, I just received a new APM 2.5, so I decided to test in on a liitle Turnigy Micro-quad from HK.

All the standard configuration went fine, but I think I might need some (a lot of) PIDS tuning. The quad can't stabilize at all, as soon as it leaves th

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Throttle cut in FBW-A

Hi all, 

After a couple of successful autonomous BIXLER flights, I felt I could securely move to the bigger Skywalker, which had it's maiden flight yesterday: APM2, Arduplane 2.66, Skywalker default param, 3DR UBLOX, no airspeed installed though.


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Bixler dives on RTL...

Hi, I recently had my maiden flight with a Bixler 2, which actually resulted in a crash (fortunately not too severe... )

My Bixler is fitted with a nice APM2, arduplane 2.61 with Bixler default params loaded, airspeed sensor, and a very lightweight 1.

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APM2 output no1 (aileron) not working

I mentioned my problem in another message but I thought I'd better describe it in a proper dedicated message.

I'm running the latest Arduplane 2.40 on an brand new APM2, which I installed on a Dynam Hawksky.  All is working ok, apart from the Aileron

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