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Hello all my first test flight with the ardupilot on a hex + frame was a disaster but to my problem,

when i goto cli setup motors when the front and back motor works on the pitch stick but when i try the roll stick left or right no motors work at all?

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Slider Switch

Hello all,


On the shield is a slide switch next to the dip switch's can anyone tell me what this does and or what position this switch should be in?


thanks all



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Arducopter frame rate

Hello everyone,


My question is the normal framerate from a receiver is 14ms however from my futaba receiver i can go to high speed which doubles the frame rate to 7ms can the board handle this? or would it not make any difference because in my thinki

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Hello Everyone,

Have just joined the group have been flying various things for years and work in a large model shop in the Uk, anyway have been fascinated with multirotor so built myself a hexacopter (have never soldered so much in my life :) i done t

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