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3dr Solo - at last!

Hi everybody,

At last we have response to DJI irritating Phantom drone (I don't mean to be offencive, but it become kinda symbol of human dumbness, with all this drones crashing on official roofs and lawns. But that's another story...)

To say the truth

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/!\ Mission Planner - Ergonomics.

I've noticed that as long as MavLink aware apps are pretty terrific in functionality, sometimes there is total absence of ergonomics. 

It would be good to collect suggestions in one place.

If I might make suggestion: 


Standard and advanced params menu u

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Bootloader flash - myths and reality.


Is it real to flash bootloader on glitched APM2.6 with inbuilt USB connection?

DFU mode - functional,

PPM encoder - flashed (was empty when I last checked), 

Firmware flashes via MP - OK, but doesn't boot. 

My guess is bootloader got busted.

Any ideas?

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