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PixHawk Motor ESC cali


When connecting the pixhawk with the motors also in the circuit there is an arc of current at the connector (scary) and the motors beep then twitch to a beep every 1-2 seconds as the PIXHAWK powers up and continues to twitch and beep indefinately.

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Mission Planner vs. APMPlanner2


My OCTO with PIXHAWK is talking to the Mission Planner, I was able to get my Futaba 14SG to talk with the TFR8SB, I have calibrated the RC inputs for H4X on my OCTO. The compass is also done.

I have not powered the motors yet.

I am wondering at what

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Landing Gear Servo choice?

Hi Folks,

I have a foldable landing gear for my OCTO but only manually.  I would like to buy a servo to drive the gear up and down. Naturally it needs to be light and it should not need to be very powerful as the landing gear is quite light as well.


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PixHawk and R7008sb

ok so now I am stuck at getting the R7008sb to talk to PixHawk for my initial set-up.  

Do I get a PPM encoder and use the 8 ports into PixHawk vai the encoder or is there another solution yet?

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ArduPPM v2.3.16


What do we do with the arduPPM v2.3.16 file?


I have finished building the drone.  I have a PixHawk, and APM Planner 2 software.

I have not done any of the initialization wizards yet. I was verifying that I have all the correct and stable v

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