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EasyCAP Gem or Crap

3689413210?profile=originalI have several of these, all shipped free in two or three weeks from DealExtreame


EasyCAP Model DC60 (DE# 8005707, SKU 5707) $8.60 black case, Windows ONLY. Has worked great for 2 yrs+

Device Manager reports "STK1150". CD has License Key for Ulead VideoStudio 10 and drivers install OK.

EasyCAP  Model DC60++ (DE# 8026319,  SKU 26319) $19.90 white case. Had it for 3 weeks now,

Mac OS 10.2 + & Windows XP,Vista

Working great on my Mac (OS-X 10.5.8 works with 10.6.3 too) & Win (VIsta SP-2)

AMCap and Debut VideoCapture work great and it was Plug-n-Play with EasyCAP DC-60 drivers

Mac unit is twice the cost @ $20. and you need to buy VideoGlide 1.4.1 @ 30$ as no License Key is on CD, Purchased to replace SKU 11267, Drivers installed OK.

GEMs so far, kind of..


Now the stinky stuff..

EasyCAP Model DC60 (DE# 4011267, SKU 11267)  $10.91 black case 6 weeks old now (CD has Ver 3.1c Win 7-64 Model DC60-2021) $11 with STK-1160 device inside but, I can't get it to work (for both mac & win) It looks for a USB7 device and fails to install driver on PC, Fails on mac too.

The included Install CD is blank !  I found a CD image on line but no luck so far, I will not return it as I think it will work with proper drivers, HID etc..Device Manager reports "STK1160"



So I paid $20 for Mac option without $30 software License key so $50 on Mac vs $9 for Win. Crap!

But still cheaper than any other Mac solution.


Next worse is SKU 11267 with a blank CD!  Double Crap!

Device seems to work?, I will update here if I can get It working on either OS


Real Gem is original EasyCAP DC60 for window for only @ $9

Next is DC60++ for Mac & Win @ $20. A little Crappy as NO License Key for VideoGlide 1.4.1


Very Stinky Crap is DC60-2021 (SKU 11267) @ $11

Just Say NO! Please DO NOT buy it, Save your cash and time...


Maybe someone has a good driver for STK1160 EasyCAP DC60-2021?

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No ground crew today. Down view camera was installed.
Front camera view of todays flight testing of PID settings for throttle cruise 80 & throttle max 120, pitch compensation .30 Test battery a 2250mAh 3s lipo had 1 cell going bad,

I replaced battery and retested, but crashed flat and hard when I panicked and set Mode to FBW instead of Manual..
Systems damage report:
Power train,
APC 7x4 EP prop broken off both sides, replace with APC Gas 7x3 $1.95
Motor mount ripped off, $2 flexable superglue and carbon fiber, New mount for contest $5
2250 mAh test battery has one bad cell now, $60 new 4s 2650mAh 40c for contest

starboard side,
Tears in foam on both sides of vertical fin up to spars, $1 Liquid Nails or lo temp hot glue.
New foam body $21 for contest.
Control horn ripped off, but still on wire z bend, $0.50 superglue and add some carbon fiber.
Stripped servo plastic gears, replace set $2.49
All other electronics are fine.

Made several test flights, my observations:
1. Don't flight test with a weak or old battery
2. make smaller PID p changes, over correcting in pitch and over powered throttle in FBW mode
3. Start FWB mode at about 150' when testing throttle or pitch PID changes, 50' higher than normal
4. Train left hand Learn to use Mode switch when panic ensues, place in Manual vs FBW and relax
5. Don't ground test with a weak or old battery
6. Flying in snow is fun!
7. Don't panic!
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ArduPilot_251 flight test with AP Throttle control from Mark Colwell on Vimeo.

ArduPilot 251, ArduIMUv1, Shieldv1, uBlox, Elevon mixing on a Stryker II with onboard video and HD ground video, sorry no telemetry. Winds 10-15 with some gusts to 20mph. Tip stall due to low throttle center speed setting and maneuvering in Fly-By-Wire mode. Next flight I climbed to safe altitude then landed in Stabilize mode with throttle cut off. Landing was smooth in gusty conditions! Next time testing with latest rev and more power for a longer flight, maybe fly to to some waypoints too...

ArduPilot 251 test flight with AP Throttle control HD ground video from Mark Colwell on Vimeo.

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