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Documentation Menu tab on DiyDrones.

I think it's time for a Documentation Tab on the main menu.  Do we have a Documentation team?

I'm an electronics Tech and RC hobbyist and I'm a little embarrassed to say it took me two years to build my 3D-Quad. I maid-ed it last weekend. Blogs are go

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Pre-flight Checklist

I'm working on a APM pre-flight checklist.  Here is what I have so far.  What would you add? How would you change the order?

ArduPilot Mega Drone Pre-flight Checklist

    1. battery voltage
    2. motor disconnected - power ON
    3. switch APM to test mode
    4. run planner - ent

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X-Plain Simulator Setup

I found the instructions for setting up the Simulator a bit sketchy.  

I got it working on my Dell Latitude D830 laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I'm using X-Plain 9.21rc2,  the AruduPilotMega Planner 0.5 by Michael Oborne, ArguPilot Mega with IMU shi

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Developers Documentation

Is there a group/person working on, or is anyone interested in working on, developers documentation?

I'll start by saying I'm new to this project.

So, as a way of getting familiar with everything, I've been studying both the hardware and software by r

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