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T3 Round 8

Here is my successful entry to the competition.

The aircraft I used was an Multiplex Funjet with the Paparazzi
autopilot guiding the aircraft autonomously and calculating the drop
location. The algorithm took into account egg weight, windspeed, wind
direction, groundspeed, height from ground, and drag. I constructed a
servo-actuated release mechanism inside the Funjet for the egg drop.

The field location was near Givrins, Switzerland. The weather was hot and sunny with some wind.

I acheieved a good result; The unprotected egg landed approx 1 metre from the Home position and smashed spectacularly.
The video gives the best idea of what exactly happened.

At release, the airspeed was 20 m/s (72 km/h) and the height above ground was 54 metres.

The kmz file showing the Home, release and egg land positions is here: Griffin_T3R82.kmz.
Here is the kml in case you can't see the track in the kmz: Griffin_T3R82.kml

This exercise was a whole lot of fun!!!!!

Here are some photos of the egg release mechanism:

Inside fuselage.


Rather simple but effective.

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