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Simple Mode

Tried simple mode for the first time today, It was anything but simple LOL.

Take off was fine but as I rotated everything went wrong. I was just in a hover, turned left 90 degrees and expected a push forward on the stick would make it fly away from me

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Rate KP and Stab KP

I've been tuning the octocopter this evening, I started with Stab at 1.000 and Rate at 0.25.

I tuned the rate by hovering then giving sharp stick inputs and watching for the bounce as I release the stick to centre. I turned up Rate P until the bounce

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Turnigy Plush at 490hz

With 2.5 I noticed the RC_Speed parameter was set to 490, is this the ESC update rate via PWM

If this is the case then my Turnigy Plush seem fine, my question is does the low pass filter in the ESC make much difference. That is - although I think I'm

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Mag not working at 2,41

I've been through everything I can think of, done an erase, tried calibration (where do you enter the numbers it gives ?). Tried arming the motors and spinning around then leaving for 4 mins but no matter what I do the compass still reads 30 degs off

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ESC Mistake I Think

I decided to convert the quadcopter to an octocopter.

I made a mistake when I ordered the additional ESC's.  I already have 4 Turnigy Plush 25A and I ordered another 4 but got Turnigy Plush 30A.

Can I still use them or do I need to buy another 4?

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ArduCopter Ethernet

Still trying to understand all the various flavours of Ardu.

Using the 1280 Mega with shield at the moment but I've got a couple more questions.

There appears to be a USB connection on both boards yet on the one on the shield is used - what is the othe

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Sticks of Centre after fllying

Hi Guys, I've got a problem with my Ardu-Mega that I just can't find.


In rate mode it flys fine in a gentle hover and its very stable.

Stable mode it comes off the ground without any cyclic input and its absolutely rock solid 




If I fly around

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Arducopter PID/LED Frame Lights

First of all Hello everyone, its great to be on the forum.


I'm new to Arducopter although I've been playing with various controllers for some time now. I'm currently developing an all carbon frame with NHP (Northern Helicopter Products) for general p

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