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Open race track logger based on Pixhawk ?

Just a general question and a thought here. The Pixhawk with GPS seems to have all the things a basic (or not so basic) car or bike racing track logger might need. 

Using the accelerometers and GPS position it could record cornering G's and speeds, an

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Extending logging time

Question for the knowledgeable.

In the log bitmask there are two Attitude bit flags at bit 0 and bit 1. Attitude Fast and Attitude Medium. 

If I set BOTH bit flag values to 0 does that give me Attitude Slow and extend the logging time somewhat ?


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Auto_tune softening once tuned ?

Hi guys,

Having good success with AdruPlane V3.1.2beta1 loaded on my HK Falcon flying wing. Did a couple of tunes today, then tested fbwa, stabilise, and a short auto mission with no major problems.

What I do wonder about though is how auto_tune functi

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Log Bitmask type and calculator ?

Hi ArduPlane people. 
Can somebody tell me what data type the log_bitmask parameter value is for ArduPlane (V3.X) ?

In ArduCopter it's a signed value (2's complement). Is it in Plane also ?

On from that, has anyone got a bitmask calculator for the log_

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Pixhawk with 3DR radio and minimOSD

I'm starting to convert my APM 2.6 quad to running a Pixhawk. 

I have a 3DR radio, MinimOSD and Frsky telemetry converter on the single Telemetry port of the APM 2.6.

I guess I could do similar with the Pixhawk, or is the intention of the Pixhawk to sp

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