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Latest Vtail 8 build - full house


Shes all done, dont those microdan 2510's look purty

full house this puppy, ardupilot, magnetometer, gps, sonar and 900mhz telemetry, plus red and white LEDs

just worked it out, she has about 2.8kw of power on tap !

Running 2.047 with a custom mix (5 channel for 8 motors)

 Alt hold on barro is OK
Alt hold on sonar is "jumpy"
Loiter is OK,does circle every so often, then regains composure

all up (with camera DSLR) is abut 5kg, and runs 4S 12000 lipos (6000mah per bank) esc's are turnigy 30 amps, and a sbec to run everything

Motors are 2510 microdans 970 kv spinning 10 by 3.8 apc's

VERY responsive, had to drop the gains down by 30% over the RCtimer 750's i normally use, the 25mm diameter stator makes these a tourque monster, 14 magnet DLRK wound

LEDs feed on a seprate 3S lipo

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New Vtail 8 build started

3689421938?profile=originalNice new build, based on 1/2 ally tube, RCT 750 kv motors, 30 amp 4S ESC's, 10 by 4.5 props.

Overall width 680mm , length 840mm


About 5 hours work in it so far, the centre section and motor mounts are pre made for me out of 2.5mm fibreglass

The aluminium is all hand cut and drilled (lots of holes) !!3689421854?profile=original

Nuts/bolts 3mm and 4mm

ESC's were stripped so they could be "daisy chained" on the input side, and have the motor wires direct soldered on the output side.


They are mounted on the side pods, as this keeps the high current DC (and associated mag fields) far away from the Magnetometer , about 120mm seperation




FC is an ardu, with mag, gps and sonar.

Now to get into the code, and do a custom mix, will take the Y6 code, as its close , and modify it, will do one version for the Vtail 8 (needs 5 channels) and a version for the Vtil Y6/Y4 (needs 4 channels)


Batteries will be 4S 12000 mah (good for about 10 kg total thrust) and carrying a maximum of 1kg DLSR

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Vtail Octocopter


Have had this flying as a prototype for a while using open pilots copter control, now using APM.
She weighs 3.8 kg, with a bit over 10 kg thrust
Control is done with 5 motor channels , the front motors are operated as one, and control pitch, the left and right middles motors are controlled as left and right pairs, so that two more channels, and control roll, and finally the rear motors are operated individually (channels 4 and 5) for pitch and yaw control.
Size wise, motor to motor shes 700 wide and 800 long.

Now what i need to learn is how to enable camera contol on APM 2, and how to do the motor mixing (will modify a hexacopter profile)


Can anyone give me a quick guide on how to do the mix and enable camera compensation ?

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80" Wing - suitable as a platform for UAV

Work has stared on a 80" Flying RiteWing - based on a TL60 with an added 20" centre Section.Powerplant will be 4S 10300 mah Lipo, at about 800 watts full throttle, but should cruize at 200 watts, so about 45 minutes flying time. Expected weight is 3.5 kg, and should be able to carry a fair bit more payloadThe wings remove, so transport is only 2 x 30" wing sections and one 20" centre section.The Wings only house one digital full size servo each, so nice an simple, everything else is in the centre section.Also will be running (removable) landing gear.Build photos so far :-)

The full build thread is here and also here she is flying will use as a platform to get into auto-pilots, starting with a RTL function
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