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Camera Gimbal control with APM2

Using a 2 axis gimbal on my quad I am finding that the APM2 under AC2.5.x is too slow to respond and creeps as it is centering.  The calibration is set up but there seems to be some dampening in the control as it approaches its target position.  Has

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Gimbal Control in 2.5.x

My APM2 quad flies very well.  My gimbal control works well also, and with the advanced settings have calibrated it to stabilize my gopro OK.  But the movement is slower than other FC's I've used, more noticeably around the center position.  It acts

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CH7_SET_HOVER and Alt_Hold Function?

Do I understand it correctly that Alt_Hold assumes Hover to be 50% of Throttle, unless it is set differently by this CH7 function?  

This is important to me since I wish to be close to hover throttle when coming off Alt_Hold.


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Ch 6 Tuning for Rate P

I feel bad for asking but....  I need to tune Rate P for my Quad using the Ch 6 tuning feature.  The values I see when I enable "tune 4" are in the range of 0 - ~40.  The typical value for Rate P is a decimal figure of about .14.  There is not enough

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Errors in Tuning

A little after updating to .49, and flying well, I started getting "failed" errors when trying to tune some para's.  Just three:  The "Thr Rate" box and the Roll and Pitch Rate boxes.  I'm able to go through setup and everything else, change stablize

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Configuring a Y6 with Arduino

Is it possible to download for example v2.0.42 from the download section and configure it for anything other than a Quad.  I would like to get 42 working again on my Scorpion Y6 but find no documents how it can be done.  Is it possible?  Which file c

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Servo Chatter

I finished a Arducopter that includes landing gear with a one axis camera mount.  The one small servo that controls the pitch of the camera platform chatters.  The camera (gopro) therefore visably shakes also.  Did I use the wrong type of servo?  I t

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Mission Planner and 2.0.36

Doing well with .35 so I moved on to .36 this evening.  I updated the Mission Planner software first.  Just to let you know that the Mission Planner had a hard time detecting my APM version, took a few times.  Then when loading .36 it failed during A

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Note on Flight Mode Switch

Just a FYI of a small thing.  I always fly in simple mode or Alt Hold.   I do not set up my Mode Switch to include Stabilize.  The first mode position I set for is Simple.  But on bootup the system defaults to Stabilize for that position... unless I

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