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Hi Guys,

I'm glad to announce our new submicro camera

FC-422 is upgraded version of our submicro FC-420 camera.
It's including 2 times bigger lens and 2 times wider image sensor which means, light sensitivity 4 times higher than FC-420 cameras. and only 0.40gr heavier then FC-420
VOLTAGE: 3.3-5.5V (1 cell Lipo)

We are selling these cameras with Day(Outdoor) and Night(Indoor) lenses.

You can use them with your ultralight Outdoor and Indoor FPV/UAV platforms, i hope you will like it ;)

This is the test video of camera's night vision and indoor capability.

Thanks for reading
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Hi Everyone,

I just released new Open Source software for CompuFly USBtoPPM Interface,

This Software supporting all flight joysticks like Saitek ST290,

Software includes:
  • 7 channel control by joystick
  • Camera Pan/Tilt with HAD stricks and auto centering with one button press
  • Rudder control from joystick
  • Trottle control from joystick
  • Landing gear or any remote switch On/Off with buttonsixes
  • Trim/Reverse and EPA mixes from software
  • 1024 step servo position for each channels
  • Positive and Negative PPM selection
  • Channel output selection 1 to 10 channels
  • Futaba Square/Round, Hitec Round, ESky, 3.5mm Jack type Plugs Available

Software under GNU license, all developers welcome.

Product Link:
Download link:
USB Driver Link:


Thanks for reading
Melih Karakelle
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1$ CompuFly USBtoPPM convertor for Developers

Hi Guys,

I have 5 unit CompuFly for the developers who canpromise to write opensource control software.

My first post was here:

Price is only 1$ for developers :)


If you have programming skills (VB, Delphi or C) and you will share your software codes with everyone, this products for you.
Buy it from Here:

Shipping is $3.5, total price is $4.5

I'm already writing my own software with PC based headtracker and
DirectX Joystick control.
The CompuFly will on stocks for everyone after i finished my default

This is my software test video:

To Developers,
* CompuFly coming with Futaba Square Plug, this deal only for Futaba
* Sample Delphi sourcecode here:
* Protocol very simple:
to setting the output channel count:

to setting a servo position:

Who is the first?

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FC-420 2.5gr Submicro for Ultralight UAV's

Hi Everyone,

I just released my new FC-420 camera.
This camera working with 3.6-5.5V and supporting 1 cell LithiumPolymer batteries as my FTX-10 video Transmitter





Horizontal Resolution

420 TV Lines

View angle

60 degree

Minimum illumination


Operating voltage

DC: 3.6-5.5V

Operating current


Video input voltage:75R


Dimensions( L X W X H)

17mm X17mm X 10.5mm



Connections :







Product details here:

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Hi Guys,I just finished this new IMU. :DIt is a new year gift for myself and i will use it on the project of my univercity(analysing the forces on the automobile chassis).img_0221.jpgIt's including LPR530AL(pitch and roll) , LY530ALH(yaw) gyroscopes and MMA7260QT triple axis accelerometer with analog output.This IMU's name IMUnext and i designed a controller board too that called IMUcon. I will test it in first days of 2010 and i'm plannning to using it for Airplane, Helicopter,Quadrocopter and camera mount stabilisation.img_0210.jpgIf you planning to design your own motion control system, please contact with me on this thread.Product link is: for readingMelih
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Hi Everyone,This is last project of this year :DI designed USB to PPM generator, this device generating PPM signals like TrainerBox for your Transmitter.This mean, you can fly with your PC joystick or your own software based autopilot(if you can develope your software)This is my test joystickimg_0236.jpgThis is USB PPM generator device's insideimg_0237.jpgThis is genrated 9 channel positive PPM signal(it can generate negative also)img_0238.jpgAnd this is finished product's outside. It is similar size with USB stick and including 1.5 meter cable for your transmitter. I will sell it with compatible plugs for Futaba,Hitec, Jr, Multiplex, Sanwa, Airtronics, ESky.img_0239.jpgFeatures;
  • DirectX Based Joystick interface
  • 9 channel PPM generator with compatible all RC Transmitters
  • Cunfigurable PC based driver software for all joysticks or keyboard features.
  • Point of View stick suport for looking around without headtracker(like simulation games)
  • External plugin support for PC based autopilot applications
  • Compatible with all Windows versions
I'm working on software alreadyThanks for readingMelih
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