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3D Printed Prop protectors- 3DR Quadcopter Version C

3689553878?profile=originalI spent some time over the weekend designing this prop protector for a 3DR quadcopter. So far it's 90% done, I just need to design a little mechanism to lock it into the arm. It's too big for my 3D printer so I'm probably going to separate it into 4 pieces that lock in with glue. Once I have the full product done I'll probably order them through Shapeways so I can get them in once piece (a little hard to get around the prop though). I'll update how it's going and if anyone wants the file to made changes and help me prototype just ask. 

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My quad, first flight complete


Well, just completed my first flight on my quad, 3dr stock frame. I received a replacement ESC from 3DR today (speedy service!), programmed it and put it on. A few minutes of soldering and a LiPo battery charge later I brought it down to the basement to fly (too rainy outside). I turned it on and armed the motors, noticing that the props all were spinning the wrong way, so I readjusted the esc wires and nervously took off. I got off the ground and steered a little, and in the process, noticed how sensitive the controls were. I had some hard landings, but thanks to my 3D printed landing shoes I found on thingiverse, it had no damage to the copter. I came to close to the wall so I dropped the throttle and landed on a hard piece of metal (ouch!), I heard a cracking noise and it turned out to be a small piece of wood, odd. My PIDs seem all fine, maybe a little tweaking, but I'm rather impressed. Can't wait to outside! I took pictures and a video, the video is too dark though, so I'll just post before flight pictures.



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