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3DR quad: Best radio Futuba or Spektrum

I put aside the 6 channel radios from my selection. I narrowed it down to 2 (maybe 3) radios.


1) The Futuba 8J found here. I was reading another thread about the PPM problems with a Futuba 8 (or more) channel radios. If this will cause a problem is i

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Best $150 (or less) radio

I just finished building my arducopter and am ready to buy a radio system. My budget it up to $150. I looked at the spektrum dx6i but its reviews on its build quality was bad. The radio I found was the Tactic TTX600. I like it due to its simplicity,

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3DR quad instruction manual typo?

The assembly manual on 3DR's website (I think) has a mistake in it. On the power distribution board page, it says "Solder the thin gauge red & black wire to “GND” and “5V OUT.” In the photo it shows it soldered to the + and - on the m4 side. Mabye it

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