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I recently purchased a DJI Inspire 2. I noticed in the UGCS for DJI App I have a few more features with the Inspire 2 compared to the Inspire 1. My question is, when I upload my mission to the app will I get new buttons to select like start mission,

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Mission error

I’m getting an error that the radius of the mission is above the acceptable limit. Never seen this before. I did run a firmware update on my dji inspire 1 pro. any ideas. Im in the field and cannot fly

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Error Altitude too high

I am trying to fly a mission on a Coal Surface mine using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro. The area I am trying to fly used to be a valley that they have converted into a Impoundment and fill area. The elevation change is roughly about 80 feet from the surface m

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UGCS Version 2.9 Upgrade

Does anyone know if I update from version 2.8 to the latest 2.9 update 1.0 if UGCS will keep my existing vehicles and profiles? I downloaded the newest version on another laptop and it only shows emulators for my vehicles.



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