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Altitude loss in AUTO

Just updated to 2.9.1. Worked great in previous version.Set up a quick mission. 200 meters west, delay for 15 seconds and then RTL.Manually launched and switched to auto. The hex headed toward the waypoint but started losing altitude very rapidly. To

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New GCS Available

In the GCS GUI post someone mentioned the idea of having google maps as the mapping engine. I though that was a good idea so I did it. This works with Raw NMEA strings but if you have a telemetry stream you wan to integrate into this, let me know and

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PID loops and Tuning

I have heard a lot of different versions of what a PID loop is. I am going to post my version as taught to me by my PID coach when learning to tune and autopilot on a UAV. Also i am going to throw some tuning tips in as well.P term -The P term is lik

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