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Magneto offsets

Okay - I am getting very frustrated here - I thought I was having trouble with my sparkfun magneto so I ordered a DIY - Only to have the same problem - Last flight I was unable to use CLI to determine my offsets - The last number always stays -2048 n

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Any Word on RC2?

I thought I read somewhere that an update would be out shortly (2 weeks ago)  - Any word on when this might happen? Looking forward to using all the sensors - I know the version in the truck has this but I can never get the trunk version to work corr

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Blown MUX

Well I think I made a big mistake - I may have blown my MUX - On accident I messed up and cross plugged my esc in and may have added power instead of signal to one ESC input - What do I do now?  HELP!!!! Is my MEGA toast?? One ESC just beeps now - RX

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