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New! APM Planner 1.0



Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy reworking my original APM Mission Planner. Together with my partner/designer Samantha Nelson we have focused on improving the APM Planner’s interface, ideally resulting in a more intuitive user experience.   

Below are a couple screenshots of the new APM Planner!





APM Planner Version 1.0.0 can be downloaded here -


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APM Planner - Mavlink


The latest APM planner has full pid/planner/gcs while under hil/real using mavlink. Some new features since the last major release are a

simple GCS

Planning via Xbee

HIL via Xbee if you so wish

And the ability to do all the above all at once.

This latest version can be download from the SVN at http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/source/browse/Tools/trunk/ArdupilotMegaPlanner/bin/Release OR by using the Update feature in the menu.


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Ardupilot Mega Mission planner

Heres a Screenshot of my current work on my Ardupilot Mega mission planner. If you want a look get it here http://vps.oborne.me/ArdupilotMegaPlanner.zip

This program captures lat,long and alt from google earth and creates a waypoint writer header file or you can write directly to the APM EEPROM. Using the latest command format. The command list is currently pulled from the APM source files, so it should always be up to date.


.net framework 2.0+

Google earth browser plugin http://earth.google.com/plugin/

It should run under mono


Read from your current APM and edit

Write new missions directoly to your APM

Open other peoples EEPROM data, view there missions etc.

EEPROM is saved to file on read - for those more technicly savy. - and to share with friends

View EEPROM - ability to display some internaly saved setting like gyro offsets etc.

Write a Waypoint writter header file, for use with waypoint writter.

To use it.

open it.

click Open defines.h - and point it to your ardupilot mega source directory

select your com port

click either read or write (after adding a few WP's)

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