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Opened Overdrive


Well after some hours of playing around with the jlx overdrive, heres what I've got for now...

Removed wheels from Overdrive, opened chassis and pcb cover:

next, unsoldered the tech 1 rc brain ;) and added some screw contacts (dont know the correct english words)

ok, ive done the first preparations, next thing is to go to the elctronics shop to buy better fittng contacts and cables with correct colors, but now ...

... to find out how those optocouplers work, I played around with a bread board and (pervert I am) a singel power source. I attached one led to each (theoreticaly separated) circuit. Here switch is off and so are LEDs ...

.. here I press the button and both LEDs are on ..

Well time for bed now. cu tomorow.

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Hi all - found a home - finally

Well folks, due to my bad english I first decided to put a blog in german (http://www.micwin.wordpress.com) but to be honest - its only a blog with not organization features. So i decided to give diydrones a try and tadaaa - here I am!

First, I will conclude what I am plannign to do: being a professional software developer for a decade or so, i am building a drone by transferring my knowledge of software projects to this. Hence, the first part was finding use cases and such, and finding preconditions that i want to meet.

Some preconditions are:
  • tier structure - arduino == platform driver, android == command gateway, webgui == user interface
  • as few soldering and custom parts as possible
  • exclusively open source, and free software as far as possible (some might have forgotten - there is a difference)
  • web-based (i really dont want to mess around with r/c electronics and reach and such)
  • swarm-alike - each drone should be aware of all others, be able to communicate with each other and to help and replace each other (for example seamless drone replacement in POI mode)
Today I found out that this thing is not realizable in the U.S. Luckily I am living in Germany. See ya folks.
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