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Open source Hardware/Software:  Android-Linux-Arduino Single Board Computer

3689516404?profile=originalIiMX6 Quad Core A9 combined with Arduino Due atSAM3X8E = UDOO

Imagine the compute power available, possibly a hardware variant (minus the majority of the "pc" like connectors)

powering your next autopilot - kalman, opencv etc, backed in under 40 hours in kickstarter.


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Are Uthere?

Seen this in one of the latest R/C mags...
Claims to have flight modes to aid R/C beginners...

Fly by wire, Loiter, Autonomous Landing, Panic Mode
Doesn't appear to be open source..seems to have some familiar components though,

Pictures and Article:

Product Catalog:

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3689363069?profile=originalPowered by a 48 Mhz Atmel AT91SAM7X512 Free tools, all open source code and hardware .NET Micro Framework Event-based programming, multi-threading, line-by-line debugging, and breakpoints.


Amazing price I think for only $34.95...mine is coming this Friday...new toys. This will bring a lot of high level programmers into the embedded world, I believe. What would you do with it?

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I'm sure alot of us have been waiting with anticipation for this one.Let's get some samples and/or eval board and test its performance to determine applications that it may be suitable for.

Digital-output X-, Y-, and Z-Axis angular rate sensors (gyros) on one integrated circuit with a sensitivity of 14.375 LSBs per °/sec and a full-scale range of ±2000°/sec

Three integrated 16-bit ADCs provide simultaneous sampling of gyros while requiring no external multiplexer

Enhanced bias and sensitivity temperature stability reduces the need for user calibration

Low frequency noise lower than previous generation devices, simplifying application development and making for more-responsive motion processing

Digitally-programmable low-pass filter .. and more....


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