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EAA takes note of the NYC FPV Video

This week's "EAA Hotline", an email newsletter for EAA members has a story on the Team Black Sheep video. They don't state a position on the flight, but report AMA's position, and conclude with:

"The FAA includes R/C aircraft flown by modelers in its definition of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and states its “recreational use of the National Airspace System is covered by FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 91-57, which generally limits operations to below 400 feet above ground level and away from airports and air traffic."


That video is getting notice in a lot of places...

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Webbie Test Flight

The Project SOAR group at Embry-Riddle got into the air again today. Although we couldn't get any time on the Autopilot (some problem with reading the Ublox5 GPS) we were able to test the Webbie as an on-board camera. The camera was attached to the EasyStar with 2" Velcro, which works well;

We mounted it screen-down, so the video would be upside-down. This is easily fixed in IMovie.

And here's the result!

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