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Open Source Chevy Volt Project

3689740519?profile=originalWell guys it's been a while! I own a Chevy Volt now and I just cant wait to fiddle with it! LOL so I started a Group on Facebook for the project and I'll be adding a website and forum at for the project.

After starting the group one of the new member's Matt Davis Pointed this out.

Openpilot Autodrive Project

So I think it's only natural Ardupilot can do the same.

But I didn't create the group just to use autodrive. There is so much more to do than that! Like getting control of the infotainment system and adding an onboard computer to the touch screen built into the Volt. Gaining control of the modules and allowing battery modfications and Fast charging and feature controls. So much more is possiable!

The willdest project I have in mind is using 2 Volt drive systems in my class C RV that has 7000w of solar and having the volt as a TOAD and have it's system help provide propulsion and braking for the entire train! LOL yeah that's just an idea. But so much really is possiable with these new EV vehicals and it should be furtile ground for future programmers of vehical designs and for the future of the industry.

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Snickerdoodle NASA CFS and RTEMS

 Wow! All I can start off with about Snickerdoodle is BAM! In your face computing power!


 This is what the next generation of DIY Drones and Robotics looks like! All I can say is AWESOME!

 This product is so new and so innovative it's unbelievable!

 Guy's I've been doing research lately looking for hardware for a cubesat project (small satellites in low earth orbit) and trying to figure out what combination would best serve that purpose but this product is excellent for drones!

 That's not all!

 I've found some open source software at NASA! 3689675667?profile=original

Here we go again with the BAM! Check this out! Open source middleware from NASA for flight control!

Which works on top of!


3689675573?profile=original RTEMS is FREEWARE which was developed for U.S. Army Missile Command and RTEMS initially stood for Real-Time Executive for Missile Systems, then became Real-Time Executive for Military Systems before changing to its current meaning. How cool is that?

An inexpensive and innovative OPEN solution with the "Right Stuff" to take drones and robotics to the next step!

Here we have a triple threat!

 Something drones need to progress, more room to develop the applications you want! And the power to carry them out! In a very small package! This combination is pure dynamite for a progressive drone with CERTIFIED software that will get drones what they want politically as well as provide real stability and safety based on certified and tested software.

 One more thing I might add is there is a protocol specification    SPA ( Satellite Plugnplay Architecture - AIAA S-133.)
It's an open standard, Basically, each component (IMU, Radio, RCS, etc) has a small processor
on board that 'knows itself' with its capabilities and calibrations.While many use ARMs and stuff, there were some examples of AVRs.

 If you add that to the mix all external hardware becomes plug n play and as you grow you can add hardware and there is no need to configure it. The little processor on the hardware negotiates with the software and self configures.


Relevant links: (pronounced critical)

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Micro Drone of the Future

3689667930?profile=originalI've been looking at micro drones lately and I'm now sure it is likely that the future of the drone is the tiny drone much like this mechanical dragonfly.

With the use of very tiny piezoelectric actuators that draw very little current I believe it is now possible to create these very tiny flying drones. 

3689667738?profile=originalThis is a tiny fiber optic camera. One day soon I believe there will be chip sized drones! Likely based on the dragonfly using the tiny battery cells already available. The tiny drone will be based on carrying it's battery payload.

I just thought it might be interesting to see how tiny drones might really get in the near future. I'm not talking about 50 years into the future, I'm talking 5 maybe 10 years ahead!

So before you swat that next bug you might want to check it out first! LOL soon it could be a tiny drone and not really a bug!

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The future of the Micro Drone

3689666861?profile=originalI see a very exciting future for the micro drone! Say the size and weight of this Hobby King Q-Bot quadcopter. The reason being these small drones are far quieter and offer far less danger to people, aircraft, cars, motorcycles, children and even pets!

I see a world of useful and safe personal drones with all the features of arducopter and then some that everyone can enjoy safely! I see a lot of fun being had with micro drones WITHOUT any regulations needed.

I'm willing to bet this is the true future of the drone revolution! The micro drone!

Sure I see what a lot of people want to do commercially with larger drones, but the true future of the personal drone must be the micro drone!

Have you ever flown a Q-Bot? The flight times are actually great! They are a heck of a lot of fun too. All I'm saying really is I'd like to see more focus on the tiny drone with no more weight than the Q-Bot. Sure I see a lot of small drones but anything that weighs more than a Q-Bot is going to be just a little bit too much momentum.

The future of the personal drone is without a doubt the micro drone and nearly everyone will have one of these.

Just pull the back off your cellphone and throw it in the air it's a micro drone!


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Spaceplane Project Trials

Chris Courtois has been working the trials on the Condore spaceplane project with Team Prometheus for several years now. After all his wonderful work we are gaining experience needed to proceed ahead.

  In conjunction Jetmanhuss at VskyLabs has been developing the model for X-Plane allowing us to try different configurations and develop the model faster.

 Stewart and I have been working on mission control and tracking as well as the cold gas system to give the spaceplane stability in the stratosphere and beyond.

 Construction of the X12A a slightly larger all aluminum version of the X11F is about to begin.

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