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Cameras for Micro Drones

3691245722?profile=originalI've been looking at tiny fiber optic cameras. A tiny fiber optic camera could be gimbal mounted on a micro drone.

What are the requirements for our tiny camera? Do we want night vision with IR illumination? Is thermal imagining an option?

I also think

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Team Prometheus X12A Spaceplane

 Well it's been a long and arduous journey to develop an APM/Pixhawk UAV Spaceplane but it looks like in 2015 there will finally be some interesting things to post about the project.

 We are nearing completion of the mobile mission control including t

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Progress on the Harp Fabricator

3691169051?profile=original3691168970?profile=originalAfter a coupla years of thought and compromises and decisions on how to make a rigid small CNC machine this is what I've come up with.

It will be cast solid aluminum which is the only real solution for the rigidity issue. If you could do it in cast ir

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A little help with HIL X-Plane 9

 I'm having a little trouble getting HIL working with X-Plane 9.

I have X-Plane running and I followed the directions in the wiki. I can fly the plane with my transmitter but the trims are way off so I have to struggle quite a bit ti fly it.

It doesn't

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APM Repair Service

APM Repair Service



 I now offer a service to repair your APM for a $20 flat rate. If you send me your APM along with $20 and a self addressed return envelope with postage so I can return your APM to you if I can repair it or not. If I can't repair it

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