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Serbia Floods

Hello there
My name is Nikola Lukicic. I am writing to you from Serbia. Just wanted to share a video I made with my discovery pro about 3 weeks ago in order to raise awareness about the tragedy that overwhelmed my country.

Serbia and an entire Balkan region have never seen such catastrophe caused by floods and the final number of casulties is still unknown

Kolubara coal basin lights up every other light bulb in Serbia. Now, along with all the machinery, it is completely submerged under water which is 60 meters deep at some places and energy production is in great crisis. It is considered to be the second largest lake in Serbia, and was formed in just three days. It is estimated that damages to Kolubara coal basin caused by the floods amounts to about 100 million euros. This is nothing compared to numerous cities and villages still being submerged and fighting the ongoing floods

 During these days, my multirotors greatly helped the rescue teams in the relief effort by providing instant aerial insight into developing situations on the ground as villages were getting hit by the flood waves. 

I am trying to raise awareness about the catastrophe that is currently unfolding in my country and trying to gather as much support for Serbia as possible by sharing this video. I kindly ask you to do the same. Thank you !

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