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Recording FPV

I was just wondering the methods that people use to record their FPV when streaming it using an FPV system. I currently have the RangeVideo FPV system, which I couple with the Roxio video capture usb and VLC media player. I stream the video to a file

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X-GYRO 1000 set up

I have purchased the X-GYRO 1000 by AEO and cannot seem to get it working with either of my radios (Futaba 18MZ/Futaba 6EXP + signal mixer). I know that my servos work because I can hook them directly up to the receiver and have it work. It seems to

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OSD Update/Compatability/

I was just wondering if the Remzibi has been updated at all to work with APM2.0. I was previously trying to get a minimOSD, but those are out of stock at the moment. Also if anyone knows how the rangevideo OSD works with the APM2.0 too that would be

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APM 2 compatability

I'm working on an UAV that will be using APM 2 and also some FPV OSD stuff. I was just wondering if there is any FPV/OSD system that works best with APM 2. Right now I am looking at the Range Video Aerial Video System and the Range Video OSD. I have

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