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The end of my most successful flight yet was in the form of a crumpled, standard Arducopter alumiminium frame.  It was awesome, I've never gotten such a thrill out of 'disaster' in my life, because it marked the highest point of a long newbie journey

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Has anybody else had problems with getting their purchases from  I've been waiting on a $400.00 purchase for at least two months, now.  When I first realised it was a bit slow, I contacted Sergey and he said he was sorry and he'd send

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Y6 and Hexa - Equal Lift?

One for the physicists -


It would seem obvious that the lower rotor in a Y6 (or any vertical rotor set-up) is working in a whole different way to any rotor in a hexa set-up.  The fact that it's pushing down "pre-pushed" air suggests, intuitively, tha

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From RC Out

...rather than real-world RC.  


Quadcopters.  Hexacopters, indeed, as the predominant trend leans thar.  Though I feel the Y6 will come to be the most common.  So elegant and powerful, wide video arms...


So yes, multi-rotors.  I was pondering

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Reluctant Motor

For anyone bored enough to answer:Possibly a very simple issue. And I'm yet to try a different PDB, though I have one.Finally got my Futaba  talking to my basic jdrones quad, 850kv motors but with 30A jdrones ESCs. Tested all motor/ESC combos with se

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Quad with 2x20A + 2x30A ESCs

Is there any reason why the title would present a problem?  I had a faulty 20A ESC and blew another one.  I had spare 30A ESCs for a planned upgrade and read around - the scant info found suggested that higher current capacity shouldn't matter.  I'm

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