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Setting up the Spektrum DX 8 mode switches



This is what I found . The Spectrum radio seems to be very similar to the JR. the PWM values needed are here, the centre ones are what I came up with.

Flight Mode # -- Min. PWM -- Ideal PWM -- Max. PWM

#5 -- 1750 -- 1763 -- >1815

#4 -- 1620 -- 1683 -- 1749

#3 -- 1490 -- 1507 -- 1619

#2 -- 1360 -- 1428 -- 1489

#1 -- 1230 -- 1251 -- 1359

#0 -- <1165 -- 1172 -- 1229

The way I acheived this was as follows:

Go to servo set up, set Aux 1 to 65%-65%

Set gear to 100%- 100% (default)

Go to mixing , select mix 3

Select GER >AUX1

Set rate: to 19% and 31% ( these are the rates for gear sw pos '0' and gear sw pos '1')

Set Sw to gear 1

Leave Offset at 0 %

leave Trim: set to Inh.

Then to check go into mission planner, connect the arducopter .

Go into Terminal

Type in 'test'

Hit enter

Type PWM

Hit enter

The numbers will start streaming, Channel 5 is the one to look at .

select each mode and check the PWM is between the upper and lower limits.

You then need to hit enter ,come out of terminal

Go back in to terminal and type set up

hit enter

type modes

hit enter

With both gear and aux 1 away from you this is mode 5 ( down 1) this should be set to stabilise this way in a panic situation it is easy to remember to push both switches away from you to get control of the copter.

Set the switches to the down 2 position

Push the aileron stick to the left to scrol through the modes when you reach the required mode for that sw position select the next sw position and so on.

The way I find it easy to remember the six modes is to think of it as down (gear) Aux1 1,2,3 and up (gear) aux 1 1,2,3.

This is only what I have done I hope it is useful, feel free to tell me if there is anything esier to do.

Best regards Nick Wadman

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