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Loiter alt hold and crashing problem!



I am quite new to the arducopter project.   I have flown traditional helis for 15 yrs so have a grasp of rc.

I have built an arducopter to carry my AP camera.

I am quite disapointed with the general stability of it .I have the uprated motors from J

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gyro stabilised camera mount control


I have been told that the 'out ' number 5 and 6 from the APM are used to stabilise the pitch and roll axes on the mount, I have tried pluging in servos but the do not power up  does the function need switching on  somehow ?

Thanks Nick

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mode swiching


Has anybody worked out how to set up the mode switching to achieve 5 or 6 modes on a Spektrum DX 8?

Any tips  would be great!   Best regards Nick

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Yaw authority

Hi ,

My quad was flying OK but then next flight it had little or no left yaw when I moved the stick(it takes full stick to get it to yaw left a little bit).  When moving the stick to the right it swings round very quickly more than before!

It always ha

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Arducopter gyro problem

My gyros seem to be working the wrong way when I do an in hand test , The aile and elev stick sence is correct the yaw is correct but when I tip the frame away from the level position at about 30% throttle the gyros do not compensate by speeding up t

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Initial setup of arducopter



I have just built an arducopter and I am now trying to set it up.

I have connected everthing as instructed, checked it all many times I first tried to use the APM planner , It connects OK I have been through first time set up in firmware section (

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Windows 7



I am about to buy a new laptop to run my APM planner and was wondering if it will run OK on windows 7 ? And do you recomend windows 7 rather than sticking with XP ?


Thanks  Nick Wadman

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APM Planner problem on laptop


I have downloaded APM Planner to my PC and it is working well, but I have dowmloaded it to 'downloads' on my laptop Unziped the files , when I try to open the programe it says; 


 'The application failed to initialise properly (0xxc0000135) 


I have t

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