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Yaw orientation during mission

Hi all,

is there a way to control the yaw orientation / heading of the copter during a mission? As far as I have tested, the copter always points to the next mission waypoint and flies "forward". Even though you can enable "simple mode" with auto it s

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Motors turned off in midair

Hi everybody,


got some testing done on 2.0.49 this weekend. At first I tried loiter which worked ok. After that a little mission with three waypoints. It missed one but it worked ok so far. So there are some really good advances though the last versi

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IMU calibration


I have a question regarding the IMU calibration. As far as I understand when connecting the flight battery the gyros and accelerometers get calibrated. During that period the copter needs to stay still. My landing gear is not very stiff so it s

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