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APM v1.4 and Manual Level option

 Hi . I use the APM v1.4 in Multiplex Mentor.

I upload the Arduplane v2.68.

My problem is to Manual Level ( Autolevelling option).

After many, by the book, home level calibrations the manual level=1 is not working. To Fly the airplane stable in stabiliz

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A simple proposal .

 Hi to all      ( Gia, in Greek) 

   I do not know if the Topic is correct but,   too many users in Europe are trying to use the modem xbees Pro 2.4GHz without always succeed, but when they have, the range is  dramatically  small compared to the xbee

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Fuel Sensor from Hitec

HITEC recently released a telemetry system which works with Aurora 9. The system includes a fuel level sensor .
3690859633?profile=original"Fuel Level Sensor (HTS-FUEL) - provides an accurate 5-step reading of your remaining fuel level when simply attached to the  outside of th

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