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10581921891?profile=RESIZE_584xThe best selling fuel cell for drone is also the lightest fuel
cell available per KW. 2000W hydrogen fuel cell and
controller:. This hydrogen fuel cell stack for UVA is featured with
950w/kg power density. lightweight, power-dense UAV fuel cell
modules allow customers to bypass the
constraints of traditional battery technology, significantly extending
drone flight times and ranges while producing clean DC power in a
robust and lightweight package Our drone Fuel Cell Power Modules
(FCPMs) are ideal for a wide range of professional commercial
applications, including offshore inspection, search and
rescue, aerial photography and mapping, precision agriculture and more.
2000 W Air Cooling Fuel Cell Stack for UAV
3.7KG, SIZE 241*155*229mm


•This hydrogen fuel cell stack for UVA is featured with950w/kg power density.
• Operation on dry hydrogen and ambient air
• Robust metal Full cell construction
• Ideal for hybridization with battery and/or super-capacitors
• Proven durability and reliability for
• Multiple configuration options providing modular and scalable solutions
• Range of stack options to fit different application requirements
• Low thermal and acoustic signature
• Series and parallel connections possible
2000 W Air Cooling Fuel Cell System
Fuel cell system includes: stack, power management unit, fan, solenoid
valve, temperature sensor, temperature and humidity Sensor and
control software 

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Pixhawk FC university alumni discount available conditions apply!!!


A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters using PIX Hawk FC for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible take-off and landing, limited by the environment; fast flight speed, long battery life, can be equipped with high-definition cameras; with RTK+PPK system, one button At the same time of accurate take-off and landing, it meets the requirements of high-precision drawing. Hydrogen Fuel cell version also available with 800w-1800w hydrogen fuel sell & HP  2L- 20L tank! cumming soon gas electric hybrid version please enquirer about fuel cell kits available for most multi copter applications as well .


Hydrogen power delivery kits available with tank , valve and fuel cell as well as hydrogen production station and compressor to fill the tanks.

VERSION 1 # BASIC default: NO GIMBAL Packing: 1 unit*drone, 1 unit*Futaba handset, 2 pcs*portable backpacks
VERSION 2 # Griflion M8 RTK : Survey Mapping, RTK+PPK+MMC Station Software, not compatible with gimbal) Packing: 1 unit*drone, 1 unit*Futaba handset, 2 pcs*portable backpacks, 1 set*RTK ground unit
VERSON 3 # Griflion M8 Inspection: compatible with BGC gimbal Packing: 1 unit*drone, 1 unit*Futaba handset, 2 pcs*portable backpacks, 1 unit*Etlas Neo Ground Station

Hybrid Gas Electric VOLT Griflion M8 8hr flight time coming soon contact us for details !

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Professional DIY radio communication equipment has changed over the years but this is a very big change moving from analog to digital ; the major brands are CUAV , XBEE & SLNTOR! The change has radios operating on 2.4ghz with range of over 20 kilometers caring control , telemetry signals as well as hiy definition video. It supports 2.4GHz (2. 402~2. 478 GHz) and suitable for long distance, stream and wireless transmitting application. The transmitting rate up to be 70Mbps and the farthest transmission distance is 20km air to ground. there is a number of new radios on the market replacing the old 3DR Radios on 400mhz - 900mhz, also WiFi to x bee radios. CUAV P 900 RADIO DATA TRANSMISSION MODULE 1000MW 1W 2PCS WIRELESS FOR PIXHAWK/PIXHACK FLIGHT CONTROLLER Frequency 902 - 928 MHz WTR24 Wifi to Radio module transfer xbee/sx/p900 data transmission wireless standards IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b transmission speed 11g : Up to 54Mbps, 11b: up to 11Mbps WIFI communication distance 150-500 meters (depending on computer or mobile phone) baud rate 57600 attended mode UDP:14550 channel range 1 - 13 (default 11 channels) frequency range 2412 - 2472MHz highest support 1080p input and 720p output. Connected to the computer via WiFi, mobile phone and other equipment. Transmission Range : 1-3km, EIRP : 500mW X2, Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) : -95dBm ±2dBm, Frequency : 2.4GHz ISM Video Input Format : HDMI : 720P 1080P, Support : GOPRO3 GOPRO4 Xiaomi Yi camera which with HDMI output. http://brushlessgimbal.ca



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