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Number of Downloads of Arducopter

Hello @all, 

as I think about numbers of users within the forum passing the 20.000 range & having a look on the downloads of Arducopter I was wondering how big our flight population actually is. Are these numbers which I'm seeing here actually downloa

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ArduPlane won't arm engine

Hi all,

I am new to the ArduPlane. Until now I just had experience with the ArduCopter.

I got myself an Easystar 2, installed APM 1 with the current version 2.30 and configured it. That worked fine, even the stabilize mode & movements on the ground als

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Arducopter with APC220

Hello dear community,


I've got my Arducopter working now connected to an APC220 instead of a a XBEE. I can now access the sensor data "on the air" which works quite well. The only problem which I got is that I can't modify any PID / setup / Waypoint

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