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OneDrone.ONE - Modular Drone System

I'm happy to present a project which occupied quite a lot of our time in the last year. We didn't plan to go public yet, but after I saw couple of days ago that colleagues from BoxBotix are working on pretty similar concept, we decided to present some initial info to diydrones community.


OneDrone.ONE is modular system, which fills the gap in the segment of advanced hobby and professional use - with focus on geosurvey, crop monitoring, search&rescue and similar applications. We like ArduPilot platform very much and we use Pixhawk in majority of our current range of dedicated copters for geosurvey and crop monitoring ... but we are confident that our new system . OneDrone.ONE will bring user experience to new level and bring the most from Pixhawk. sports all the experience we at gathered in past years, combined with clean and efficient design from Andrej Stanta (Provoco), creator of

For now ... presentation movie and some photos. Website with all the info will be launched in one month.


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DronExpo 2013


We would like to invite you to DronExpo 2013 - 1st European FPV/UAV meeting & multirotor and UAV expo. Expo will take place inside of 25th traditional meeting of RC aviation, which is tbe biggest RC event in Slovenia and one of the biggest in the region. We expect more than 100 different model planes in competition programme, more than 2500 visitors ... and a hot new products from FPV/UAV/multirotor world.

Main sponsors of the event are (leading European hobby/semi-pro FPV/UAV store) and Kopterworx (leading European proffesional aerial photography solutions provider).

When: Thursday, 15th of August 2013 (national holiday in Slovenia, Austria and many other countries), programme starts at 10.00
Where: LESCE airport, Slovenia (near BLED)

You can see a lot of fantastic hand crafted RC planes in the competition programme ... and following machines in DronExpo:

- Kopterworx Hammer X12 (lifting power of more than 45 kg)
- Kopterworx Hammer X8 (specially made for filming in hot environments)
- TBS Discovery FPV quadcopter
- TBS Discovery PRO - european premiere!
- TBS Discovery special X8 edition
- Sky Hero Spy X6 configuration with dji WKM
- Sky Hero Spyder X8 configuration with APM2.6
- Logo Extreme 800 heli with dji ACE One controller & Zenmuse
- Goblin 500 helicopter with dji NazaH and with WookongH
- dji Phantom with Zenmuse gimbal
- H2O quad with waterproof housing
- Droidworx SkyJIB X12
- Droidworx CX4
- SIS NightQuad with NightCam
- Skywalker 2013 UAV plane with APM2.5
- Skywalker X8 2200 mm FPV Wing with FY-41AP controller
- HK Phantom with FY-DOS controller
- TBS Caipirinha fpv wing
- TBS Zephyr II fpv wing
- Bormatec Explorer UAV & catapult launcher
... and much, much more.

Visit DronExpo 2013 and spend nice sunny day with us.

General sponsor of the Event:


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3689514194?profile=originalOneDrone proudly present new copter platform developed by European copter experts SIS Hobby. More than a year of developement resulted in cool multicopter kit, capable of flying more than 20 min with standard 3S 5000 mAh battery - in almost all conditions - day and night. Copter is equipped with SIS developed RGB LED controller, which creates extraordinary effects and acts also as a video filter. Specially developed night camera (GoPro form factor) makes night flying simply plug-and-play.

We tested NightQuad with different flight controllers ... but APM2.5, with uBlock GPS and MinimOSD turned out as one of the best.


NightQuad is engineered for extreme FPV flight. You can fly it 24/7 almost any weather condition. Rigid and lightweight frame will offer you best performance in the acrobatic flying.  Over 20 minutes of flight time with standard packs. State of the art 8 x RGB LED strip driver with many light patterns that makes this quad amazing during night flight. Led strips can also show low voltage and current flight mode.  Frame made of CNC cut aluminum and G10 parts are easy and fast to assemble. Camera mount with built-in anti-vibration grommets for better video capture. Included canopy for great look and light snow & rain protection.

More on:


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(DIY)drones are spreading all over the world


We would like to present another new 3DRobotics - diydrones - distributor ... this time from a small EU country. We are trying hard to gather all the greatest brands from hobby UAV, FPV and hi-tech in one place at a competitive prices (yes ... we know ... prices are higher than in US and Asia ... but they all include VAT, which is subtracted for the customers outside EU). We are offering products from premium brands like Team BlackSheep, DJI, 3DRobotics, Hubsan, LawMate, KopterWorx, Revolectrix, ImmersionRC, Graupner, FatShark, GoPro, ... and we are adding new brands and products every week to our portfolio.

Welcome to our shop! We will be happy to see some constructive critics and opinions about our store. And even happier if you buy something :)

Special thanks to Trappy (for inspiration, tnns of information and for answering our annoying mails about stock availabilities and shipping times ;) ... and to all the members of diydrones community. We've really learned a lot from you.

Best regards,


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