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Hobbyking Blue ESC 30A and Pixhawk

We have had strange problems, the solution was where the transmitter mixing caused improper ESC signals on power up.

In some cases it sent the ESC into program mode, so by the time we lowered the throttle level we now had a non-functioning ESC. Also t

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Need solution to "colliding with the ground"

Is there a solution to the problem of switching from a mode like LAND or RTL (where you may have set the throttle to zero) to STABILIZE?

My reflexes are not fast enough to recover faster than above 40 feet up.  Need some way to keep from colliding wit

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Pixhawk - Motors won't spin

Have several pixhawks for a year, so know them pretty well.
After upgraded firmware to "stable" No response to any motors in motor test, ESC calculation or Armed.
ESC's work fine connected directly to transmitter channel 3.
Tried loading in plane fir

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