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DO_SET_ROI command

Hello, I preset a mission with some way point just to do a square in front of me, the first waypoint is a DO_SET_ROI to fix the nose orientation to me.


The issue is that the quadcopter doesn't point to like it is ignoring the

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Pixhawk & not traditional Helicopters

Hello, I read on google groups something about pixahwk to control Osprey R22.

Today at our club we are flying and R22 controlled by rotormast

May be this post is in the wrong discussion, somebody please could suggest me where to found the correct disc

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Pixhawk & Helicopter tuning

Hello, I used the tuning procedure in the traditional helicopter wiki pages.

The results are very interesting, in stabilize the helicopter fly well


PixHawk with HELICOPTER 3.2.1 with GPS & external magnetometer

So, I have some ask to

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