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No Start FG button

Well, weird issue here with Mission Planner 1.3.34 and Flight Gear 3.0.0

I followed the instruction on wiki. But can't find the start FG button !!

All I have is Start SIL and Start Xplane.

Where am I wrong ??


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Irregular motor spin


After a good short test fight, I wanted to test land / takeoff sequence. I noticed a motor (front right on my X quad) did not spin regularly. Any idea of the reason ? bad contact could be a cause ? See log below for Rcout.


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Iris lands badly by itself

Strange end of auto mission today.

I wanted to trig the battery failsafe at 10.5V and check reaction while Iris+ was loaded with a 250 grams camera. So I gave him a mission with 18 very close parallel lines, 200m long.

When turning for the last line, s

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Heading from dual GPS

Is there a way to use the heading from two distant GPS antennas ? I am thinking of using this heading with Lidar Lite data to properly orient the laser beam.

I read we can only log the second GPS position. So it would possible to post process everythi

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Log format description and Mag data


Is there a document describing the log file format ? The wiki is not extensive and not updated.

I was looking for Compass data, they seems to be now mag and mag2. My interest was to determine the mag field vector by using MagX, MagY and MagZ combin

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And my Iris+ just went away...

Sad day. After good trials with original battery, very easy loiter mode, stable, gentle landing... real pleasure.

Today I changed to spare battery (Turnigy Multistar 5200 mAh 3S 11.1V). Switch on, proper blanking green, but as soon as I give some thro

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Canon IXUS 155


What's your feeling about this one :

Canon IXUS 155, 20 M pixels, 142 grams, no CHDK yet, but "Continuous Shooting Approx. 0.8 shots/sec. (until memory card becomes full)"

For a fine 20M picture, 7 Mb, that is more than 2000 pix in a 16G memory card

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