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Failsafe with throttle on channel 8

How do you guys recommend setting up the radio failsafe?  If Channel 8 goes low won't the motor shut down?  The pixhawk won't be able to control altitude with "throttle"/collective with no power.  Do you recommend setting the receiver to maintain cha

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Yaw carouseling

I have stabilize and ALT_Hold tuned well, but when I go to position hold or loiter the heli stays in the vertical and horizontal very stable but yaws slowly without ever stopping.  In stabilize/ALT_Hold it  often drifts in the yaw also.  It does not

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AltHold Mode ossilating/jerking

I have the rate gains tuned, tuned in stabilize mode (default stabilize gains).  Started to move on to AltHold but when I switched into AltHold it aggressively jerked up and down several inches without a noticeable overall change in altitude.  I star

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Confused on ACRO

There seems to be some conflicting info in the documentation.

The link below says ACRO is frame reference, but the next link says earth reference.  The first link makes no distinction for traditional helicopters.  Has the firmware been updated and the

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Firmware connection failure

My APM and MP communicate fine through MP and 3dr radios, can load settings, wps, get telemetry, etc... but when I try and update the APM ardupilot firmware it fails connection after "reading hex".  I have searched and read other posts for hours with

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