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Heavy Lift Hexa Build

I did it, finally the hexa is ready for a tune! its taken its sweet time, over 2 months of waiting and building and lots of $$$ but im excited to take it for its maiden flight real soon. my intention of using this hexa was for aerial video with futur

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A Couple of questions.

ok so just flew 2.0.42 today.

1. why doesn't alt hold work anymore? (everything checked out during my setup)

2. if im running a Turnigy nano tech 2650mah 3S 35-70C, should i be getting longer flight times than 5mins? (stock arducopter with batt - quad

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Baro and Compass in terminal show no values?

Hey guys,


back at it again and i see .42! awesome.


does anyone know if there is a bug in mission planner when you jump into terminal and test command "altitude" or "compass" do they work? 

when i do it, i see no values. do i have a hardware issue or i

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x468 camera rig - help with configuration!

hi all,


just go myself a x468 camera rig. 2 servos for roll and pitch. i run a turnigy 9x and my flight modes are setup up to AUX CH5 in radio. that would mean i cannot have the camera servos in CH OUT 5 right, if so where would i plug it? also i can

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magnetometer Method help

I have an original jdrones build with the magnetometer with cable. If I want to use method 1 by taking out cable and putting directly on board with pins do I need to change any settings in the magnetometer or apm? Or is it straight forward pull plug

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Fpv for the land downunder

Not sure if this has been a discussion previousy, most likely but, any of you would know the best solution for fpv in Australia? I own a jdrones quad. Now that the code is much more usuble and stable i actually have the courage to have some fun with

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APM planner bug or board problem?

Hey guy,

just uploaded 2.0.37 but now in terminal when i go to test pwm or sonar or anything at that nothing is a live feed, it only just gives one line and prompts again. previously i know it would just give a live feed. is my board faulty or bug in

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Motor Issue - Noise, Slower.

Hey guys,just recently purchased a pre made arducopter and havent yet flown it. only couple days ago i installed and configure the copter with mission planner. everything went well thanks to jani's videos, however i noticed when i select the MOTOR fe

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