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3689502805?profile=originalTaking Autism To The Sky - We're looking for your support on KickStarter as kids with autism get a new perspective of the world - from the air - by building/flying a hexarotor and producing a video of their journey. 

 We've seen/participated in lots of discussion on DIY Drones about the non-military, social and environmental uses of the technology that we all are interested in.  I've been one of those heavily engaged in that discussion.  To that end, I'm excited to announce my KickStarter project that gives a group of kids on the autism spectrum a chance to build a hexarotor, learn to fly it and capture footage of both the process and the flight.  Go check it out.


The team will be comprised of a small group of kids on the autism spectrum and a few adults including me.  The kids will build a hexarotor from a kit that includes GPS, high definition video, and flight planning software. After building the hexarotor and learning to fly it, they will plan a mission, fly it, and then produce a video both of their time building and learning to fly as well as the flight itself.  The video will be provided to their school district to put on their web site demonstrating the team's skills.  We can post it here too!  We've got a well thought out budget and a game plan.


I wanted to thank a handful of DIY Drone members (listed below) who were kind enough to offer some of their flight footage for use in the KickStarter video.  I did use clips from a few of you guys.  Thanks for the help!

  1. David Anders
  2. Stephen Dade
  3. Kevin Bouchard
  5. u4eake
  6. John Arne Birkeland
  7. Gerard Toonstra


Check out the project on KickStarter here.  Thanks in advance for any support you're able to offer; a Tweet, a link posted on social media, or a donation to help fund the project!





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Request for flight footage

This is a bit of a non-sequitor post but I'm hoping the community here is willing to consider it.


This is a bit of non-sequitur post but I'm hopeful that the DIY Drones community are willing to consider it.


My 3 young sons (12, 10 and 8) and I attended a RC club event on a beautiful early fall day last year here in the Madison, WI area and they (me too) became enamored with all the devices and flying.   In particular, we were interested in the quadrotor that was there and the potential to capture video.


One of the things we're trying to do to get the group "off the ground" is to put together a video of take off, flight (mostly FPV but ground based too would be good) and landing to give a sense of what is doable.


We're looking for a handful of short footage (10-15 secs) clips to compile into a video.  Perferably in AVI format but other standard formats would be fine too.  There are tons of good clips out on YouTube, etc. but none of it is available to download or use.  Nor would we want to do that without permission.

Is there a handful of users chance you'd be willing to share some footage?  We'd give you credit at the end of the film.

Thanks in advance everyone!


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