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I was playing with my custom built quadrocopter based on Multiwii platform, but had trouble finding a comprehensive guide to stick configuration functions online. I stumbled upon Mr.Hamburger's awesome cheatsheet, but found out that for my Mode 1 stick configuration it was wrong. I have throttle and yaw on the right stick and pitch & roll on the left. So I made a version that works for my configuration. I haven't tested all functions, but they should work.

You can download it as PDF. And once again, all the kudos to Mr. Hamburger for his efforts.

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Thumbsize PCB.





BBC has run a story on a device that is cheap, small and seems to have a lot of potential for the UAV world. It can run linux, has ARM11 700Mhz, GPIO, SD/MCC-card slot and HDMI. It's the Raspberry Pi.

If this actually comes to market, it can be an interesting option for cheap embedded linux in UAV.

Check out the article and info:

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How to make a more stable UAV plane platform.

Ever heard of "Moment of Inertia"? Neither had I, but it's quite simple really.Object with the most of it's weight at the center of it's gravity is easier to rotate than one with the weight on the outer edges. So why put all the electronics and batteries in the center under the wing. By distributing the weight to the wings, should create a platform that has steadier flight characteristics.More on this and a few pictures in my personal UAV blog.
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OpenWrt UAV platform

My idea is to use OpenWrt + Arduino for a futureproof/scalable UAV patform. I'm planning to do some testing in the spring with the basic Fonera router flashed with OpenWrt Kamikaze 8.09.This setup however doesn't have USB-ports that would enable live streaming webcam, 3G modems and in-flight high quality images through gphoto2 and a digital camera. I'm waiting to see how much the just finalized Fonera 2.0 with USB costs, but I'll still probably go with the Ubiquiti RouterStation (only about 60$).Additionally I just have to build a plane following servo mount for my cantenna wlan antenna to be used in the basestation :) Share your thoughts, and other possibilities (ie. VIA pico-ITX etc.)
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