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Hexacopter crashed. What's in the log?

On Saturday I launched my hexacopter another time. Things went as usual, while I was at STABILIZE mode and ACRO. When I had switched to ALT_HOLD the hexa suddenly stopped and fell down like a rock. I switched back to ACRO quickly and tried to catch i

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Longer cable for "old style GPS port"

Hello. I faced the problem with the GPS. The cable for my MediaTek GPS is too short for my build and I am looking for a longer one. Is it possible to use longer cable with greater resistance (about twice as long as default)? What is the name of the c

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Powering APM

I have an APM2.5 board and I am building my first hexacopter, so the first build seems harder.

Now I am trying to understand the basics of powering of the APM board. At first, do I understood correct, that if JP1 jumper is not set, I should power both

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