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APM Planner Automation

I have posted this discussion 3 days ago listed under the APM planner Category but received no feedback, maybe I will receive feedback if I list it as an unassigned category.

I have a developed a sensor network which detects gunshots for anti-poaching

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UAV Automation Requirement

I have a developed a sensor network which detects gunshots for anti-poaching purposes. When a gunshot is detected, the event data is sent to a sensor server for further analysis and triangulation of the gunshot location.

I want to incorporate my UAV’s

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mediaTEK 1.6 GPS no Lock

I have installed Arduplane v2.63 on my APM 1280 via mission Planner 1.2.11 and do not get any GPS lock on the Planner or on the board. The GPS module have lock as per the solid blue LED. I have followed the steps as per the troubleshooting guide to n

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PPM no radio input via APM

I have an APM 1280 board, uploaded Arduplane v2.33. Since the upload an after radio setup I cannot get the APM to recognize any TX inputs. It will only recognize inputs when connected to my computer via USB but not when in normal setup. the ppm light

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Traditional heli E-Sky Belt CP

Can anyone please point me in the correct direction. I have an old E-sky Belt CP to which I wish to add my APM 1280 board. I have downloaded the new mission planner and see that only 2560 boards are supported for the traditional heli types.


1. Does a

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8 x 6 prop on SkySurfer

I have enlarged my prop from the standard 6 x 4 to 8 x 6 on my skysurfer due to the lack of thrust received from the smaller prop. This included some cutting and changing to get the motor mounted to the correct height to accommodate the bigger prop.


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