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Major Crash on 2.0.37 & 38

Just had my third major crash in two weeks.  This time took out 4 props and my receiver ....


I think that I at last understand the problem.


I have been really keen to use RTL and up to and including .37 it has been unusable for me.  The model would f

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2nd Crash on 2.0.37

I am testing 2.0.37 and although altitude hold on sonar and baro both seem much improved I am having issues with loiter and RTL.


When switching in to loiter the hexa moves in increasingly larger circles before I take back control.  I'm sure PID tunin

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Issues with 2.0.30

I flew my Hexa this evening on 2.0.29 and other than RTL and loiter issues (suspect major PID tuning is required) the bird flew great.


Got back home and updated to 2.0.30 - now I have to hold full left yaw to stop it rotating to the right and I can't

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Using felt on Baro

Hi Jason


I have soldered my filter pads .....  but wondered if I also need to add a felt pad to the baro as I have the IMU inside a plastic case mounted on the top of my Hexa..  It isn't sealed as a small part of the base is cut away for the wires to

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Compile Error in 2.0.23

Hi All


I'm keen to use camera stabilization.  I have downloaded the latest code and have checked that camera stabilization in enabled but when I try and compile or upload the code I get an error.


//Log_Read(1, 4095);

'get_log_boundaries' was not decla

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5S Li-po with ArdupiloMega 2560

Hi Guys

I am currently using 2 - 3S 2200 Mah (In parallel) li-po batteries on my hexa which give me about 7.5 minutes of flight time.


I have tried using a 4S - 5000 mah li-po but flight time was very short and the battery became very hot.  When checki

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