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Camera Stabalization on AC 2.0

hi Guys


I am Soooooo pleased with my latest flights on the latest code (just disabled sonar and all height hold now works :))  that I am going to re-mount my camera.


Does the code work for stabilization???  In Ardupirates I would use dip switch 2 etc

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Channel 7 to Calibrate Throttle ??

Hi Guys


Can anyone tell me how to use Tx channel 7 to calibrate my throttle?


I have seen a couple of references to this but have not seen any instructions on how to do it.  Do I need to connect channel 7 output from the receiver or is it a mix on the

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IMU Problem after a bad crash

Hi All


Took a bad tumble with my home brew Hexa yesterday.  I was flying 2.023 and I let the Hexa have its head when testing RTL - big mistake.  5 props and a couple of broken bolts.


All now fixed and upgraded from M3 to M4 bolts much beefier....



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Hexa Yaw problem

I'm not sure if this issue is limited to the hexa install but when I try and adjust the yaw in flight, some of the motors accelerate making my hexa pitch to the side and out of level flight.


I understand that the guys will be improving the hexa code

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Revert back to Ardupirates Code

Anyone Help me ....

I have installed the new Arducopter 2.x code but as expected I'm having problems and can't fly with confidence.  I'm not complaining as I fully understand that this is an early Beta release.


HOWEVER ... I only have the one quad and

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Upgrading to the latest version

I have just carried out an update check from APM Planner and appear to have downloaded an update from the activity in the mission planner window.


How do I know when a new version or update has been downloaded and when I get one, do I do a full firmwa

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Red LED not working on GPS hold

Hi All


I recently replaced my IMU and since fitting the new unit, when turning on position hold, the Red LED flashes but will not give a constant red even though the GPS units eventually shows a solid blue when it gets a GPS lock.


Does anyone have an

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USB Connector Ripped from IMU Board

Hello Everyone  -  HELP NEEDED


Last week my quad got stuck up a tree and in the process of getting it down (with a 60 foot pole) I lost the IMU.


I have fitted a new one and 3 days in, my grandson has pulled at the serial lead and ripped the USB conne

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